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Russian Top-Secret Spy Anna Chapman Leaked Topless Photo Scandal And Kinky Sex Life Exposed


Spy boobs from Russia with love! To the naked eye, it might seem like we already know too much about Anna Chapman, the only Russian spy arrested last week anyone cares about. But, of course, there is one thing we have yet to get any intel on, which is, how does this broad fuck? Luckily, over the weekend, her ex-husband and a former lover are more than willing to offer some juicy details on the matter. And of course share a few naughty nude photos with exposed pink.

The focus of attention has been on Anna Chapman, the sultry businesswoman who has literally become the face of this international spy scandal. If there is something that Americans love more than a hot Russian spy, it is a hot Russian spy who with topless pictures. Turns out the fiery redhead Anna Chapman a.k.a. Anya Kushchenko was married to a Brit at some point and the two of them had lots of fun in the sack. And he took plenty of nude pictures of her. Including a picture of her half-naked on a bed while sucking on a sex toy. So the spy everyone has been fussing over just give us more to fuss over because now all her racy pictures are leaking online. And for a Red, she is kinda pink. Her lawyer said she was embarrassed by some of the photos that were obviously taken from her Facebook page. So these newly leaked topless and revealing lingerie pics from her former husband's private collection should really embarrass the Russian sex pot.

Ever since glamour photos of Anna Chapman began circulating online late Tuesday, the Internet at large has been foaming, frothing, fanatic for details about the secret agent/Maxim model look-alike who specialized in sultry-eyed, pouty-lipped, come-hither stares. Anna Chapman's real name was Anya Kushchenko. She married a British man, Alex Chapman, in 2002, only to divorce him four years later and then travel to the United States in 2007. She claimed that she had to choose between settling down and having a child with him, or to make a career for herself. She had said, "it's never too late to be happy and succeed." Chapman told the press that she had become "obsessed' by several "secretive" meetings with Russians whom she referred to as "friends." He said: "Looking back, I think she was being conditioned [by them]. She didn’t seem happy."

But the best part, the spy vixen's kinky sex secrets are being expose by the ex-hubby for large sums of cash. Nude photos, of the top-secret Russian
weapon posing as the glamorous Russian socialite and now accused of intelligence work in the US, have been posted and published along with salacious details of her relationship with her British ex-husband. The semi-naked pictures of Anna Chapman taken by her ex-husband Alex Chapman, 30 year-old, on their honeymoon in Zimbabwe in 2002. The pair experimented with S&M, and Anna sometimes liked to pose as a KGB interrogator as she took take the role of dominatrix and wielded a whip.

Her former husband, Alex, is talking to the press and he is telling all. He is claiming Anna could have been a spy for Russia while she lived in London too. Alex added that Anna's father, Vasily Kushchenko, was a high ranking ex-KGB officer. In interviews with newspapers in the UK, Alex Chapman said he was married to Anna Chapman between 2002 and 2006. And he confessed that he was "infatuated" with the Russian spy after meeting her at a London party in 2001. Alleged Russian secret agent Anna Chapman's husband Alex said, "the sex was great and she had this incredible body. We were having so much fun. We also experimented with sex toys." He added, “it was more about lust at first. I hadn't met anybody like her before."

Alex Chapman, artist and psychiatrist trainee, disclosed more than a few unambiguous topless photos of his former wife Anna Chapman breast. He said Anna Chapman wielded sex toys while in bed and added that the couple join the "Mile High Club." The two were married for four years, during which there were Mile High Club "sex romps" on planes, S&M sessions (Anna "loved to wear nipple clamps and wield a WHIP like an interrogator as they were Ivan it off"), and numerous sexy pic-posing moments.

"I found her Russian accent such a turn-on," says Alex, who had no idea she was honing her sexy spying skills on him. "She was the most beautiful person I had ever met, with an extraordinary body, and I was infatuated with her." Alex Chapman also told newspaper reporters that he spoke to his former lover on the phone after she was arrested last week for her alleged participation in a Russian espionage ring in the United States.
Alex reveals how he was grilled by an MI5 agents during a cloak-and-dagger rendezvous after Anna and ten others in the alleged U.S. espionage ring were arrested.

He said he was surprised to hear she had gone to the US because his ex-wife had always made disparaging remarks about Americans and said she did not want to go there. Reports say British intelligence is now investigating whether she had worked as a spy when she lived in Britain or was recruited when she lived there. MI5, which carries out Britain's counter-espionage work, is understood to be helping the Americans in their investigation. It is also assessing whether there could be security implications for Britain after details emerged of Chapman long-standing connection with the country.

But lets get back to the sex... Another man has come forward claiming he had a sexual relationship with Anna. A law student claims that he had a fling with Anna Chapman and gave her a "14 out of 10" for her prowess in bed. Charlie Hutchinson, 31 year-old, told reports that he was stunned when he saw the picture of Anna Chapman in the newspapers after her arrest by the FBI for spying. Hutchinson said he met her on a night out at Southampton. He claims that she jumped into his cab and they went back to the university's residences. He claimed that she didn't wear panties and was just incredible in bed.

"She was red hot. While we had sex she was talking in Russian. It lasted for two hours and was so sexy. She was incredible," he was quoted as saying. "Both of us were drunk. When we got into my room she began doing a striptease while I sat on the bed." He added, "she has a stunning figure - and had no underwear on. She really knew what she was doing." A week later they met again for a romantic meal at an Italian restaurant which was followed up by more romps. He said he was smitten. But she dumped him soon after, he claimed.

She repeatedly hung up on him when he tried to call her before she changed her number, Mr Hutchinson told The Sun. He also said he was amazed to see she carried five mobile phones. He said: "On our first night, she got a text message and went to check it. She pulled out five mobiles and didn't know what phone it was sent to." He said "Also, when I wanted to take a picture of her, she always said no." Who would ever think they would bed a Russian spy? he asked.

Anna and 10 others were arrested last week for allegedly living double lives as agents of the Russian government. Anna Chapman is by far the hottest and she lives a glamours life in Manhattan, so here comes the inevitable British tabloid story detailing her interesting sex life with an ex-husband and one of much more lovers to come. Russia trained female spies to use sex so things might get really kinky from here. Everyone is both shocked and seduced by the idea of Chapman, with her sweet and sexy good looks and American-sounding name she is alarmingly dis-alarming, and the perfect spy. She is already been compared with Angelina's lead role in this summer's Salt, and scores of James Bond femme fatales, but there are no doubt already an army of feverish fingers typing out the scores of books and screenplays that will be based on Chapman alone. To play the leading role Scarlett Johansson would be the obvious first choice, followed perhaps by Kirsten Dunst, or Jessica Biel. In the first pic below, Anna is seen revealing lingerie while licking a dildo. What most guys wouldn't play to see Scarlett Johansson sucking on a fake cock? Click on pictures to enlarge.

The News Of The World report:

But their relationship was to be built on secrets and lies.

“In the end I felt I didn’t really know her,” says Alex.

“If she is a spy then she’s fallen into it because of the glitz and glamour of it all. And she used her looks to get noticed.”

Alex also reveals how he was grilled by an MI5 spook during a cloak-and-dagger rendezvous after Anna and ten others in the alleged US espionage ring were arrested.

He tells how he secretly SPOKE to his ex-wife only a few days ago despite her being in FBI custody.

Artist Alex, now living in Bournemouth, Dorset, had no idea of what was about to unfold when he first met economics student Anna - who he still calls by her Russian name Anya - at a rave in London.

He says: “We talked all night and agreed to meet up two days later before she was due to fly back to Moscow - and that’s when we first slept together.

“The sex was great and she had this incredible body. It was more about lust at first. I hadn’t met anybody like her before.

“Anya was great in bed and she knew exactly what to do. She was awesome. For the first few months we met for sex about five days a week. We loved it.

“She also liked posing for pictures,” he says, producing the evidence. “I took one of her topless first thing in the morning.

“I said to Anya ‘go on get them out!’ and I took the picture of her with only a bit of the duvet over her. She laughed about it.

“We were having so much fun. We also experimented with sex toys.” Alex then produced a picture of Anna wielding a whip and another toy and wearing nipple clamps. “It was great fun although Anya was covering her face with a hat when I took the pictures!”

During the first few months of their whirlwind romance, smitten Alex saw Anna in both London and Moscow. Alex told how he joined the MILE HIGH CLUB with her during a BA flight back to Moscow in January 2002. He says: “When we were on the plane we came up with a plan to join the mile high club. I went to the toilet first and told her to follow later and knock.

“Anya was wearing a denim dress so I hitched it up and we just went for it. It was fantastic because of the thrill of doing it on a plane. We were in the toilet for about 15 minutes and then one of the cabin crew knocked on the door. I said Anya had been sick and I was helping her.”

Alex was head over heels and the pair married in Moscow in 2002 before moving back to London to live.

It was now, in both cities, that he began to sense there was a secret side to Anna that she didn’t want him to know about.

IN MOSCOW: “I remember we were outside a nightclub but the doorman woudn’t let us in,” says Alex. “Then a guy got out of a Lamborghini, had a word with the people on the door and we were whisked through.

“He was some sort of Persian prince. I didn’t know how well connected she was until then. She was also friends with a wealthy guy called Sergei. There was something weird about him. He had a Green Card to live in America and I didn’t understand how he’d got it.”

Then there was her mysterious father, Vasily Kushchenko, suspected of being ex-KGB. “Anya told me he was a diplomat - and he sorted out a full Russian visa for me by bending the rules,” says Alex. “He was very well connnected - but he didn’t seem very impressed with me.”

IN LONDON: At first, Anna seemed to be everything Alex wanted in a wife as they settled into life in their flat in Stoke Newington. She worked for a hedge fund company as well as Barclays. “Anya loved the London life,” says Alex.

There was even a playful hint of her future secret career. “She loved James Bond movies - but reckoned Clive Owen would have been best in the role. She also liked watching Benny Hill.”

But Alex soon began to see a ruthless streak in his new wife.

“She was quite right wing. She said the UK was far too relaxed, especially about immigration. She would tell me, ‘It wouldn’t happen in Russia’.” Unknown to hapless Alex, Anya was already then suspected to be in the early stages of becoming a Russian spy. She began to be very secretive about money.

He recalls: “We’d been married for two years when I suggested maybe having a joint bank account. She just sternly replied ‘no’ and we had a blazing row about it. She just said, You keep your money and I will keep my money’.”

Soon cracks began to appear in their marriage as Anna began moving up the social ladder, frequenting the bars and clubs of the West End and networking with wealthy businessmen.

Alex said: “We were going in different directions. I was the creative person but she had become ambitious and materialistic.”

They separated in 2005 and divorced the following year. British security services are trying to piece together her movements during those years as she networked up to social ladder before moving to the States.

Alex stayed in touch with Anna and was curious about her lifestyle but said he had no idea she was involved in a spy ring. By now she was sleeping with a number of rich older men, honing her seduction skills.

He says: “She was with a Swiss banker. He gave her a Cartier watch worth £17,000. She dumped him soon after that. Then she was with an American entrepreneur.”

Last week, shortly after Anna’s arrest, Alex was contacted by a female officer from M15. They arranged a secret rendezvous at a hotel in Salisbury.

Alex says: “She kept on asking about Anya’s father. She wasn’t interested in what Anya was accused of in America - but whether she could have been spying in London.”

And in another bizarre twist, Alex says he managed to get hold of Anna on Friday by calling her Russian mobile. He said: “She told me, ‘Anjiki (her nickname for Alex), so much has happened. I am not surprised about everything that is happening in England. It is happening everywhere. Don’t worry. Don’t worry’.

“Now I believe what M15 believe - that she did not probably realise the severity of her actions. It’s like something out of a movie.”




Anna "Anya" Chapman, maiden name Kushchenko, is a 28 year-old being accused of spying on the United States and working as secret agents for Russia's intelligence service, the SVR. She is the owner of an online international real estate agency PropertyFinder Ltd who moved to New York from London five years ago after the divorce. Anna was born in Russian city of Volgograd in 1982. In 2003 she graduated from a Moscow university and moved to London. In 2010 she came to New York. She attended high society New York parties. Her real estate agency received millions of dollars in investment from an unknown person just before the crisis. And every Wednesday since January she was meeting an official from the Russian government and passing secrets to him. What a story, huh. Cute spy, high society, secrets. Here are some photos of Anna Chapman. She uploaded them to the Russian social networks.

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Moko Top Girl Yan Feng Jiao Leaked Nude Modeling Photo Scandal With Fellow Chinese Model Zhang Wanyou Part 1

Here are the leaked naked photos of Chinese model Yan Feng-Jiao (闫凤娇) a.k.a. Niko published under another alias name she used for secret nude modeling in Tiawan. The now infamous toilet posing scandal photos and KFC family bucket scandal photos (See Part 2) of this young lady. Everyone in the Chinese speaking world seem to have been searching for these nude photos of Yan Fengjiao like mad, who was known for her lovely, sweet, and innocent appearance on the Jiangsu satellite TV dating show "If You Are the One (非诚勿扰)." Over the last year, she has been a fast raising mainstream model but no one knew she had this wild side. The person who leaked this scandal hinted that this is a scandal involving many people in the modeling circle in China. And those who have seen the photos believe that Xiao Wan is another MOKO model by the name of Zhang Wanyou (张婉悠) seen naked with Yan Feng-Jiao in bed surrounded by photographers.

Last week, a second MOKO Top Girl Yan Feng-Jiao a.k.a. Xiao Jiao had her nude
photographs made public after the Xu Ying leaked nude vacation photos indecent. And people have been searching for the nude photos of Yan Fengjiao like mad since then. Now there is a third MOKO Top Girl by the name of Zhang Wanyou with leaked nude photos. Zhang Wanyou's nude photos were discovered because of her connection and nude modeling activities with Yan Feng-Jiao. While many were searching for more nude photos of Yan Feng-Jiao, someone discovered Yan Feng-Jiao nude modeling with another girl.

Yan Fengjiao herself has published a statement saying that she was coerced into shooting these photos by a Taiwan businessman in 2009.
Jiangsu Satellite Television marketing director Liu Yuan, during an interview expressed that the lawbreaker should be severely punished. From the pictures taken she seemed to enjoy the photo sessions rather than being coerced. However, a new set of her nude photos soon emerged too on the web. In these new photos, many people were surprised to find that there was another girl involved, called Xiao Wan (little Wan, 小婉) but believed to be Zhang Wanyou, while Yan Fengjiao was called Xiao Jiao (小娇). Yan Feng Jiao admitted making indecent photos days before Zhang Wanyou released her own statement denying her participation.

On May 15, Zhang Wanyou released a statement at (roughly translated):

I am Zhang Wanyou. About Yan Fengjiao’s indecent photos now widely circulated on the Internet that has got myself embroiled, I hereby make a declaration as follows:

I did not know Yan Fengjiao, and had never heard of her name before my friends told me, not to mention that I would be with her shooting these indecent photos under coercion! I am ashamed to say that I searched out the photos of Xiao Wan (小婉) on the Internet. I believe anyone whose eyes are not separated from his body can easily tell she is not me! This is simply calling a stag a horse! Nonsense, and unbelievable! I am now really looking forward that the netizen who published that topic will post more relevant photos of that Xiao Wan soon to prove that I am innocent!

I hereby solemnly declare:
The girl in all the indecent photos circulated online is not me. Instead, this (calling that girl me) is a vicious attack and insult to me!
It really disgusts me that people put that ugly woman with me together!

And what makes me feel even more disgusted and sad is that some media websites are very irresponsible to associate the girl in the photos with me, and reported and spread the rumor. I don’t know for what kinds of puporse they did that. They have lost the basic morality as media, and the professional ethic of editors is very bad too. It has terribly angered me and hurt my heart!

In order to protect my reputation, I have trust the affairs to my lawyers to collect the relevant evidence. I reserve the rights to take any legal action necessary against any media websites that maliciously report and spread the rumor without responsibility.

Signature: 张婉悠
Date: 2010-5-15

Yan Feng Jiao has not confirm Zhang Wanyou as the other girl with her in her nude pictures. But she said the photos were taken in May/June 2009, however she claims they had been the lawless elements of coercion. But many people seem to think she intentionally had the photos taken and "leaked" them with the fake "oh my, I'm so violated" reaction to get sympathy and to self-promote. She has now formally submitted to the Shanghai Public Security Bureau in Zhabei Branch case to investigate. We have all seen that things are different now with Chinese celebrities gaining more fame after scandals. A few years ago, leaked nude pictures would destroy the career of a female Chinese celebrity. But after car show model Shou Shou, whose sex videos were recently uploaded online by her ex-boyfriend in order to ruin her, But instead has made her even more successful coming back with many endorsements.

Shou Shou’s sex videos scandal did not ruin her; instead it helped her win the instant fame and better chance for her career. So it is not a surprise many other young women want to follow in her foot steps. But "You Are the One" program, confirmed Yan Feng-Jiao has withdrawn from the program. Due to this controversy, she was also completely edited out of two previously recorded episodes that were schedule to air a few days after the scandal broke. But some believe with her newly found fame she will make a comeback with many endorsements. Anyway, this is going to be a three part or four part series over the next couple of days showing both girls. So stay tuned for more leaked girl on girl pics of Moko Top Girl Yan Feng Jiao and Zhang Wanyou in varies compromising positions! In some of the photos they are nude and in very intimate positions together! Click on pictures to enlarge.

And her secret overseas modeling start here:

Yan Feng-Jiao and the girl some believe to be Zhang Wanyou:

Original copy of the statement from Zhang Wanyou:




Yan Feng Jiao (闫凤娇) (born June 24, 1989 in Jilin Yanbian, China) is a Chinese model. She is a MOKO Top, Girl and the subject of a leaked nude photo scandal in May 2010 that gain her great fame.

Yan Feng Jiao's Profile

Name: Yan Feng Jiao 闫凤娇
Nationality: China
Place of Birth: Jilin Yanbian
Birthday: June 24, 1989
Occupation: advertising, graphic model makeup artist
Height: 167 cm
Measurements: 75 59 86
Interests: Internet, reading books, drawing, etc.
Constellation: Cancer
Features: Writing
Favorite music: Karen Mok
Favorite stars: Stanley Huang
Favorite movies: many, many
Favorite sports: the Internet, go to sleep, take pictures
Toilet photos and bedroom photos


Zhang Wan Yau or Zhang Wanyou (张婉悠) (born June 16, 1989 in Qingdao, China) is a Chinese model. She is a MOKO Top, Girl and the subject of a leaked nude photo scandal in May 2010 in connection with the Yan Feng-Jiao scandal. Zhang Wan You with fine facial features, flawless skin and a sexy body, she rises rapidly to fame in China where she is featured in numerous fashion magazine covers, a variety of entertainment shows and dramas such as 《爱情实录》《海上花》《一路花香》《放爱一条生路》. She was endorsed recently by a Chinese lingerie brand to shoot a pink underwear advertisement.

Zhang Wan You
's Profile:

Name: Zhang Wan You 张婉悠
Nationality: China
Place of Birth: Qingdao
Birthday: June 16, 1989
Occupation: advertising, graphic model makeup artist
Height: 170 cm
Measurements: 98 65 92
Blood type: O
Body weight: 55 Kg
Shoe size: 38

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